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About us

The Advise & Assist is the company founded by the group of successful professional from various walks of life with rich experience of Sales, Marketing , Training and corporate affairs in year 2010, working with high ethical values of life to establish quality environment in Indian professional world to maintain Spiritual ethos in Sales & Marketing.

The Advice & Assist is the Company founded by Mr. Paresh Bhatt. He is having rich experience of Sales, Marketing and Training, more than 21 years in Pharmaceuticals and Insurance Industry.

Mr. Paresh Bhatt is a very good orator having fluency in English, Hindi and gujarati. He is a very good Soft skill trainer and has conducted more than 500 Lectures, Training Programs and Seminars in various segments of business nationally and internationally

Paresh strongly believes that…

  • Sales is an art, and it cannot be performed under pressure.
  • All the Problems of life starts and end with one situation – State of your Mind
  • Nobody can stop you growing when some force is coming from within – not even YOU
  • Success depend on where you stand.
  • Money does not give HAPPY LIFE, but money is the 1st condition of HAPPY LIFE.

Our Client says’

  • The Advice & Assist is the company with grass root training agenda and has clear vision to get established as a training institute for those company who want to create their brand name in the competitive market.

    Alaknanda Zaveri
    Manager HR,
  • I have attended a motivational seminar of Mr. Paresh Bhatt, in Bhavnagar. His way of thinking and execution is different than the others and it touches the heart which leads to more production of business and self-development.

    Piyush Joshi
    LIC Agent,
  • If I say Mr. Paresh Bhatt is a live wire then it will not exaggerate my statement, I am a follower of sales, marketing and strategic planning of guided by The Advice & Assist which is Ok, Tested and proven...

    Devtosh Joshi
    Corporate & Credit Cell,
    Global Baroda Hospital
  • The Advice & Assist is the company giving us the crux of experience and experiment. Innovative ideas and its way of execution is very effective and proven, I believe personally that Mr. Paresh Bhatt speaks the language which we understand.

    Jatan Rupani
    Forever living product